Semi-Permanent Cosmetics: A Rising Trend

July 3, 2018

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics: A Rising Trend

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One of the most recent beauty trends to rise in popularity is semi-permanent cosmetic treatments. There is no better proof of this than the number of people requesting semi-permanent freckle tattoos to replicate the look of the newly-wed Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. While celebrity facial features are undoubtedly an inspiration for many to receive this kind of cosmetic treatment, there are also a few other advantages to opting for semi-permanent makeup and other treatments that use pigment.

What is Semi-permanent Make-up?

This kind of treatment comes under many different names, including semi-permanent make-up, permanent make-up, semi-permanent tattooing, cosmetic tattooing and pigmentation. While different procedures, such as microblading, may be used, the principle of the treatment remains the same; tiny particles of natural or synthetic iron oxide colour are implanted between 1.5mm to 2mm below the surface of the skin using a digital machine or hand tool that holds a sterile needle grouping.

These kinds of procedures are often used to create a make-up effect in the eyebrow or eye-line, but can also find application in creating freckles (as mentioned above!) and other small details. The process is very similar to tattooing and is regarded as such by health & safety beauty standards, while also carrying with it some of the same contraindications. If you’re considering this treatment with our beauty salon, but are unsure of the risks to you or a specific condition you may have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who may be able to clarify some of the contraindications of semi-permanent cosmetic treatments.

What are the Benefits?

While we mentioned that pigmentation is very similar to tattooing, there are a few key differences that allow it to only be a semi-permanent treatment. Firstly, the pigment used contains smaller molecules than tattoo ink, which are designed to be soft and fine in colour as opposed to bright and bold. This helps the pigment better suit the tones of the skin and act as a substitute for temporary make-up products. Most importantly, the molecules are inserted between 1.5 and 2mm below the skin surface and are small enough that they do not move beneath the skin and are flushed out over time, causing the colour to fade and your skin to return to normal. This allows the treatment to be a semi-permanent solution and means you will have the benefits for a long time without it being for life.

Why is it so Popular?

The reason this kind of treatment has grown in popularity is mainly how it saves time and effort; imagine both going to bed and waking up with your brow shadow or eyeliner already ‘applied’! It can mean that your make-up is consistent, day after day, without spending hours getting it just right. In some cases it can even allow you to create details, such as freckles, that accentuate your features.

For beauty industry professionals, having the equipment and skillset available to provide semi-permanent cosmetic treatments is almost essential for current trends. Not everyone will have the time, patience or skill to apply their make-up precisely, every day. By being a beauty therapist or salon owner that is able to offer semi-permanent treatments, this means that you can offer a service that is both convenient and gives a beautiful and long-lasting result.

Semi-Permanent Make-up with The Academy

If you are a beauty therapist looking to learn how to perform this valuable treatment to a high standard, then a place on one of our Semi-Permanent Make-Up Courses could be perfect for you. Our industry-leading salon environment is the ideal place to train, learn new skills and receive an SQA-approved qualification.

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